Inventors & Innovators

3Dimensional services enables designers to convert their ideas into real end-use products and prototypes, getting their products to market before the competition. In today’s world, technology and innovation are driving product development forward at breakneck speed, and entrepreneurs have to keep up!

CAD Design and 3D printing technologies allow for rapid, low-volume production of highly-functional products made from durable production-grade thermoplastics or metals. This can be a great value for prototyping parts and products with rigorous mechanical requirements, as it allows for on-demand, low-volume production of high-caliber parts that are suitable for engineering evaluations and functional testing.

Efficient prototyping can be the key to achieving market success in a field where value is defined by innovation. Prototyping helps you identify mistakes early, work out the details of your invention in full three dimensions, revise, iterate, and ultimately bring superior quality products to the market.

With additive manufacturing and 3D printing, rapid prototyping is now more accessible and affordable than it has ever been before. During the 3D Scanning process, every data point is saved including the measurements of your object. One can build a small model by hand, have it 3D scanned and 3Dimensional Scanning and Manufacturing can 3D print it for you in any size required.