Entertainment Industry

Making movies is big business and requires a number of diverse and talented professionals to bring a cinematic vision to life. From special effects to movies sets, 3d print shops play a critical role in the development of an incredible movie experience. It is likely that your favorite recent movies are taking full advantage of the benefits of using 3d print props. That’s because the impact of 3d printing props on the film industry has expanded cinematic prospects and encouraged the evolution of special effects. With so many applications for 3d print props, the possibilities are now endless.

Both small and big budget films require props, costumes, and set design that 3d printing can produce quickly and economically. When 3d print props break or more duplicates are needed, they are easily replaced on site since 3d printers are easily transportable. Parts can be developed before an actor has tried it and costumes are lighter in design. It is now commonplace in the filmmaking industry to use 3D Scanning to bring sets into CGI.

We offer the entertainment industry a full range of service offerings including 3D scanning, 3D printing and consultancy. The entertainment industry utilizes 3D technology in some of the most exciting and experimental ways that are helping the technology to evolve. Commercials, movies, video games, and even theater performances.

3D technologies go hand in hand with the evolution of special effects in the entertainment industry. Digitized assets such as props, actors and even sets are seamlessly inserted into film and television to create scenes that simply wouldn’t be possible any other way.

While special effects have become commonplace in cinema, Hollywood is increasingly using 3D technologies to create costumes, props, and all sorts of objects to make their films even more realistic. Some even film 3D printers at work, showing the public all the capabilities of the technology.

With the aid of CAD software and handheld scanners, entertainment design companies are able to create costumes, props, sets, and more in hours rather than in weeks. The ability to be flexible and adapt to constantly changing demands is what distinguishes successful organizations in the entertainment industry.